​​General Information-

Can I stop in to see what items are available for purchase?

We are open by appointment only, which means we only make what our clients order. On occasion, we may have a spur-of-the-moment treat available. We post on Facebook and Instagram when we have sweet treats available.

​“I’ve never ordered with Baking Sweet Memories before. Where do I begin?”
The best thing for you to do is take some time and browse our website, our menu and cake pricing & flavors. Once you have a general idea of the product that will fit your celebration the best, visit our online order form. This form asks all the necessary questions we need answered to complete your order request.  Feel free to simply fill out this form online (after submitted, it is emailed to us), email us or give us a call 936.755.8175. Orders are not confirmed until a deposit is placed.

​“I think I know what I want, but I have some questions before I place my order.  What should I do?”
Feel free to email us or give us a call 936.755.8175. We can schedule a consultation if needed.  Your questions are important us, however we might not be able to answer your call/email immediately due to our volume of orders, but we will do our best to return your call/email as soon as possible.

“How far in advance should I place my order?”
Baking Sweet Memories' general rule of thumb is a minimum of two weeks prior to your celebration.  During the busy summer months and wedding season, our capacity is quickly filled each week, and you should think about placing your order 3-6 months prior to your celebration.  This is especially true around major holidays & graduation time.  Please remember that Baking Sweet Memories works on a first come, first serve basis.  Occasionally we can fit in last minute orders; however this is dependent completely upon our weekly schedule. You should not expect to order a cake and be able to pick it up the next day.

We book as early as 1 year in advance.

“I left a voicemail on Friday afternoon.  When can I expect my call to be returned?”
Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days in the bakery. Please keep in mind during these busy days we are focusing on our orders and not usually able to answer the phone or check emails. Baking Sweet Memories is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so we return all calls and emails left during these days on Tuesdays.

“I have scheduled with you to pick up my cake at 10 am.  Can I come earlier?”
No. Due to the volume of orders we receive, it is imperative that we schedule a pick up time for each order. We then bake and decorate each day’s orders based on that pick up schedule. This allows us to insure that all of our products are of the finest quality and freshness to you.

“I see on your website that your hours are ‘by appointment only’.  What does this mean?”
Sunday Closed
Saturday By appointment only
Tuesday- Friday we schedule pickups, have consultation appointments available and answer phone calls and emails during this time as well.

Saturdays are busy with last minute wedding orders and making deliveries. If a Saturday pick up is necessary, we can discuss a pick up time when the order is placed.  

“Where is Baking Sweet Memories located?”
1114 10th St, Huntsville, TX 77320 

On 10th Street at the corner of 10th and Sam Houston Ave.

“How large of cake should I order?”
70-80% of your guest list

“I only need 8 cupcakes.  Why do I have to order 1 dozen?”
We need to have order minimums to keep our costs manageable.  Because we are a custom-order only bakery, the extra cupcakes would become excess.

“Do you offer any gluten-free or diabetic-friendly items?”
At this time, we only offer gluten free items. We are continually working on new items for both of these special diets.  Please continue to watch for more information on our website.  You may also email or call for our current selection

“Do you deliver?

Yes, with a delivery fee.


Can I place an order for cupcakes?

Yes, we have a minimum order of 1 dozen cupcakes. You can choose from our daily variety with up to 4 flavors or a specialty flavor with a minimum order of 1 dozen per flavor. 

Custom Decorated Cupcakes-

Do you make custom decorations for cupcakes?

Yes, we do make custom decorated cupcakes. We have a minimum order of 2 dozen decorated cupcakes with one flavor. The average price for custom decorations on a cupcake is $2.50 per topper, plus the cost of the cupcakes.


All deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable. We require a deposit on all orders. Deposits are 50% of the total due unless otherwise stated.

Your balance is due upon pickup, or 3 days prior to delivery, not including weddings.

Wedding balances are due two weeks prior to your event date, we do not accept payment early.

No refunds on balances paid within 3 days of your event date, (does not apply to wedding orders, No refunds within 2 weeks of your wedding date).

No refunds on deposits or balance payments.

Why don't you give a refund on deposits or balance payments?

We do not give refunds because we set aside time specifically for your order and turn other orders away for that time frame. We also do a lot of prep work in the time leading up to creating your order. We take a very limited number of orders. 

Can I reschedule my order?

Please call us to see if we are able to reschedule. We cannot guarantee this as we may be booked for other dates, there is a chance you can not reschedule. 

*Prices are subject to change at anytime.